Nutrition Consulting Programs


Hi, I'm Jennifer Kern. I am a health coach and passionate yogi dedicated to helping busy women design a vibrant and health filled life by implementing simple, actionable steps and providing unconditional compassionate support.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to your health.

When designing a program, some of the things I take into account are:

  • Your body's specific needs
  • Dietary restrictions due to allergies, religious or moral obligations
  • Your family history
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your habitual behaviors 
  • Your emotional response to health, body image and food

My goal is to offer you tools to take with you, in order to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle for years to come.

I offer three programs SHED, THRIVE and HEAL.



It’s time to SHED! This is the foundation of a healthy body! In order to be and feel our best, it’s important we start with a clean slate. For the next 21 days, you will be asked to SHED processed foods, sugar, alcohol and chemicals such as MSG and carrageenan. We will also be ridding our diets of seemingly healthy foods such as grains, legumes, dairy, corn and soy. Having a healthy gut is the baseline for living a healthy vibrant existence. Symptoms like low or inconsistent energy levels, joint pain, digestive issues, skin irritations, and mood swings can be attributed to an imbalance in the gut. These foods can cause blood sugar spikes, damage and imbalance the flora of your intestinal wall, and cause inflammation which is essentially the baseline for disease. The next 21 days are designed to assist you in re-setting that delicate internal system and to create a health from the inside out. Not only will the next 21 days change your physiology, but completely change your relationship to food and health.

Total cost for 21 day program $150



Thrive is designed for the person who is generally healthy, but is ready to dive in and transform into a healthier and more energized version of themselves.

If you're looking to:

  • Lose a little weight
  • Have more energy during the day
  • Manage stress 
  • Free yourself from the diet battle

This program is for you.

During this 3 month program we SHED, NOURISH, BALANCE and THRIVE. 

Total cost for 3 month THRIVE program: $450 or monthly payments of $150



Heal is designed for the person diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder or disease and is need of support as they take their journey into better health.

Together, we navigate the lifestyle adjustments and changes recommended by your health care professionals in order to get you back into balance and better health. Change can be hard, especially when your health is already compromised. Having someone to support you on the journey can be a game changer when it come to the success and follow through of your program.

Some things I assist with:

  • Finding and creating recipes with in the guidelines of your new lifestyle
  • Organizing grocery and supplement lists or ordering online for you if that's an available option
  • Support through the process as trial and error is often a part of change
  • Helping create a practice that connects you with your unwavering strength

An unfortunate downfall of our healthcare system, even the holistic side, is that doctors don't have enough time to offer support to the newly diagnosed outside of the office. Even with the most supportive family members, it can be hard to drastically change your lifestyle on your own. Having a supportive and non judgmental ear can make all the difference.

This program is ongoing and contracted on a monthly basis until you or your loved one reaches a place of stability in the healing process. Check-in sessions are available once the program has ended. 

Total cost for HEAL : $200/ month with 3 month minimum commitment