10 ways to create health in your life no planking or green juice required!

I love personal development. And I can’t get enough of listening to the expert’s big “AHA” moments. However, what I’ve come to realize are that these momentary miraculous discoveries are actually the collection of a lot of work and countless trial and error and experience. Rarely do these moments feel vast and energized like the “AHA” would lead you to believe but they are a subtle shift that brings a clear perspective. The way I’d imagine a person with a slight visual impairment feels when they put on their glasses. It’s not a huge dramatic event, just a small adjustment that makes a world of difference.

I say this, because as I share these insights that completely changed the way I implement health into my life, I want to remind you this is not an action plan. You will not read this today and be changed. You will have broadened your mind, introduced yourself to new concepts that if digested and absorbed will eventually make an external difference. The world does not act in lists and plans. While preparing and being organized are a great principals that improve productivity, there is malleability in life that needs to be considered. Take this list as a part of your journey to clarity and “AHA” and let me know what you think in the comment box below.

  1. Diet and exercise bring the external to the internal. They are the actions we take when we respect ourselves and our place in the world.
  2. Health should not just be looked at as ones weight. Health involves many things including: purpose, relationships, spirituality, your mental state as well as your physical health.
  3. When you stop looking for a result and decide to start taking care of yourself because you value who you are, your motivation changes massively and actions become effortless.
  4. Meditation… That is all.
  5. Get clear on your values. What do you want this precious life to consist of, then ask yourself “why?” 
  6. We will never be perfect. There is always a choice that you’ve made that could have been better. You could have worked harder, ordered the salad, done one more push up, in hindsight it’s easy to judge. Start feeling GOOD ENOUGH. Start feeling grateful for the opportunity to try and try again.
  7. ACTIVELY work to achieve your dreams. Dreams are just thoughts until you take actionable steps to make them happen. Do this and the way you treat yourself will change dramatically? Of course you’ll eat right and exercise, you’ve got things your soul needs to get done and can’t be tired and lethargic for.
  8. SHOW UP #EVERYDAMNDAY I used to give myself F*&% it days. Not intentionally, but I was just lax about it. I’m tired, I’ll just go tomorrow. NO! You have to show up! Even if you’re tired, busy, PMS-ing. Work through it. And try as hard as you can, not to judge it and get angry or frustrated. Observe, acknowledge and move on.
  9. Build your community. Surrounding yourself with people that share your values holds remarkable impact. Connect with a person or people that are wanting the same things as you, be it to loose a few pounds or run that marathon. Hang out with people who make you feel good and who you can communicate authentically with.
  10. Do YOU! Make your own rules. Be your own boss. When you start to take care of your body and still yourself long enough to connect with your inner guide (see #4) You will intuitively know what jives with you and what doesn’t. To end where we started… too many people try to follow plans and rules. This does not work because I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but life follows no plans and no rules. 

My best advice is to get connected with yourself, your values and your inner guide. Find joy and gratitude in all that you do and make sure you’re pursuing the life you want with actionable steps consistently.