This One Thing Will Change Your Life For the Better!

This One Thing Will Change Your Life For the Better!


I used to be miserable. Despite my natural ability to put on a happy face and god given bubbly personality, I was constantly in a battle with myself. I was a slave to my spiraling thoughts of inadequacy and self judgment. I would allow these thoughts to consume me. I was always trying to think my way out of perceived problems that only time and actions could resolve. The world felt noisy. I felt trapped. Life was turbulent.

So what happened?


Yup. That’s it. 

I know… you hear about meditation ALL the time. And for a lot of us meditation goes on the “I know its good for me, I just don’t do it” list. Well, let me light a little fire under your seat and remind you the amazing benefits you get from sitting still for just a lil bit of time each day.


What happens when you Meditate

Cool. So your in.

What I’d like to offer you is how I created a practice that actually stuck and the one surprise benefit I found from my practice.

All right, so for years I heard to meditate first thing in the morning and right before bed at night. In yoga teacher training I learned numerous ways to meditate with props, using different breath patterns , etc. This all felt very forced to me, rigid, regimented and just plain wrong. So, I scrapped it. Well, not all of it. I decided no matter what I would sit still for 5 min everyday and just be with my breath. No judgements. 

Here’s what happened…

I naturally started to put a practice together that looked like the ones I so rigidly tried to create before. The difference was I was creating my practice based on what I felt would support me rather than following someone else’s step by step. I’m on my journey, not theirs, as you are on yours, not mine. As time went on I created a beautiful space, formed rituals like lighting a candle, making herbal tea, writing in my journal and then sitting peacefully for 5 minutes before bed. All of a sudden my meditation time became something I looked forward to. 

But that’s not the end of the story.

Life happened and things changed as in life they’re guaranteed to do. I moved out of my apartment and decided to travel on. I no longer had my space or schedule but I did have my commitment to sitting for just 5 min a day. I’m telling you this because it’s easy to make excuses to not do something because of time or an unexpected situation. The beauty about meditation is that you can do it anywhere. Once you’ve made the commitment you just do it, no matter what!This leads me to my exciting discovery.

Drum Roll Please ……

Meditation has become my accounta-bil-a-buddy. I know that for at least 5 min a day I have to sit with myself and the person I’ve decided to be. In a world full of twists, turns, change, good behavior, questionable reactionary behavior, there I show up everyday. I come to my comfortable upright seat and there I am, with me. The me that chose to go for a run, or skip yoga, or drink too much wine. There she is. Because I take this time everyday I also am acutely aware of things that are working in my life and the things its time to let go of. 

This is insanely important to you and your growth. So many clients come to coaches and trainers looking for accountability, and yes we offer this. But we’re only with you a few hours a week. When you learn to hold yourself accountable, that’s when real change starts ti happen. You no longer need an outside source for help, but are now tapped into the infinite strength you have with in!

So I’m not going to give you a step by step, how to or follow along guided meditation. What I am going to encourage you to do is COMMIT whole heartedly to sit with yourself for just 5 minutes a day without expectation or judgement. Follow your breath, observe your mind and just be.

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