Will You Choose To Rise?

In spirit of the Easter Holiday, I'd like to offer you this one thing.

In a nut shell... or more appropriately a cadbury chocolate egg shell (hehe) this holiday is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. I'm not going to go all spiritual on you, but I would like to draw on this idea of rising or rather re-rising. 

In a yoga class after savasana you turn to your right side in fetal position, then re-rise to your comfortable seat ready to "start again" on your journey.

When you think about it every moment is a chance for you to rise into the person you want to be in this world. Perhaps that could mean choosing to go for the run, to have tea instead of coffee, to meditate instead of having the glass of wine or have that important conversation you've been putting off.

Often times us health conscious people have a habit we're trying to release or a positive practice we want to implement. We think about it, we plan it, we schedule it but really it's about living in the moment and making the "right" choice in that moment. Right choice of course meaning something in favor of a long term goal rather than instant gratification and or a choice that feels more in-line with your higher self if that resonates with you. 

This week plain and simple Sankalpa Practice:
Live in the moment. Breathe into the moment. Notice behavior that is habituated that you want to release i.e. binge eating sugar, grabbing a glass of wine, engaging in toxic relationships ect.. 

Notice that you have a choice. And while there is a lot more to the process of releasing toxic habits for good, I think this is a great place to start. Taking ownership of who we are and how we show up in the world... the beautiful, the bad and the ugly is the first step in taking power back and realizing every moment is a chance to shine, do better and act more in-line with who you want to be.

Bonus... I'll offer you this. In your minds eye think about a time you made the right decision. You chose the green juice instead of coffee, you went for a run instead of binge watching Netflix, you chose meditation and an early bed time instead of going out to the local watering hole with people from work. Really imagine it, feel it.

Isn't it so EMPOWERING to choose right?

I know when I'm grooving with life and living as the person I want to be, I feel unstoppable! Embrace and enjoy choosing right. And by the way if you slip up, just forgive yourself. No need to go on a guilt/shame trip. Just keep going on your journey and choose differently in the next moment.

Let Every Moment Be A Chance To Rise Again!