Hi, I'm Jennifer Kern. I am a holistic life designer dedicated to helping busy women create a vibrant and health filled life by implementing simple, actionable steps and providing unconditional compassionate support.

After years in the fitness industry, working at some of the best gyms and studios in the nation I saw first hand where the gap between doing the work and actually seeing a result lied. I observed countless personal trainers give the calories in calories out speech and couldn't help but think, if it were really that easy we'd all be in brilliant shape, right?!

It was when I finally started to dig a little deeper and design my own healthy life that I realized we have to look at the “Why".

The way you care for your body is directly related to how much you value yourself in this world. -Tweet it

Often times we turn to food or obsessive/addictive behavior when we are lacking fulfillment in some area of our life. We claim we don't have enough time, not realizing that time spent taking care of ourselves doubles our energy, clarity, productivity and the quality of our life as a whole.

For me Health is all about the WHOLE Picture!

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A little bit more about me...

I am an herbivore

Pilates Nerd!

I believe riding a bike is like the best thing ever. Well, that and yoga…. and dancing.

I never in my life felt so healthy as when I accepted that being and feeling healthy meant keeping a balanced personal, social and professional life just as much as it meant eating green things and exercising.

For me, yoga is a lifestyle not just a class to stretch and trim your waist line. I’m a student and practitioner first and a teacher second. 

I love to explore people. Examining “why” is one of my favorite things to do.

Figuring out how to make something better more efficient and sustainable is like “Whoa baby”

I travel.

I believe in a minimalist approach to most things.

One of my favorite mantra’s is “Be Here. Now.” As I do what I think we all do and let my mind spin in crazy directionsI like to remind myself that this current moment is perfect as it is, right now.

I look forward to going on this journey with you.

With all my love and ever so passionately,

xo Jenn